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i must have an about face silhouette! how do i get started?

1. click the PayPal "buy now" button
2. select your quantity and make payment via PayPal or credit card
3. send an email to with the following:

a. profile picture (see below for tips on taking profile picture)
b. silhouette color choice

if you would like some help in making your selections, please email us at

what is the best way to take a profile picture

frame the person/animal to be photographed through your lens from the shoulder (or bottom of hair, whichever is lower) to slightly about their head. ensure that the picture is a true profile (shoulders perpendicular to the wall, you should only be able to see one cheek). use sufficient light, avoid shadows, and ideally, a solid background such as a painted wall. then, email your .jpg file to

girl profilefilldog profile

how long does the process take?

once we receive your color choice and a usable profile picture, you will receive your 16 x 20 artwork within 3 weeks. options to expedite your order are available.

what if i just have question regarding about face silhouettes?

we are happy to help! drop us a line at and we will get back to you within 24 hours. cheers!

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