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i happily tabled my career as a journalist for the adventures of motherhood almost nine years ago. four babies later, the youngest finally on board the “potty train,” i’ve finally figured out what i want to be when i grow up. i followed the pull to turn my creativity into a professional pursuit that excited me every day. it started with photography. i love capturing the unexpected moment, the unposed expression on faces. my nikon is like a fifth child -- it goes everywhere with me.

about face silhouettes are an extension of my passion for photography, a new use for the thousands of .jpgs that were building up in my photo library. i was looking for a fresh medium to capture the images of my children and remembered the great black and white silhouettes of me as a kid.

by first photographing my subjects' profiles, i have a fixed moment from which i can trace a detailed silhouette. i take my time, putting great care into precisely cutting the slope of a nose, the pout of the lips or the curl in the hair. this is what sets an "about face" original apart from many other silhouettes. the greatest compliment i have received comes from clients who say they can fill in the rest of the silhouetted face's features with their mind's eye.

i use sturdy colored cardstock to give my silhouettes a modern vibe and to provide my clients another opportunity to express their individuality (see our what’s in a color page). so that's what i'm about. i hope my work adds a splash of color to your walls and makes you smile.

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